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Hostage for a Day; Frühling in Berlin; Southward with Prince Philip; Royal Destiny; Peau de banane; The Arroyo; Moonlight; Car Share; Wang jia xin; Bloodlines: Legacy of a Lord; Vincent n'a pas d'écailles; Cartes sur table; She Remembers, He Forgets; Minyeo-neun goerowo; We Drivers; (mehr...)

Vive la France, Dokumentarfilm, 1974 IMDB

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sixcyl FR

2011-01-23 17:55


[Image: 283950-VIVE_LA_FRANCE.jpg]

150 years of french history told by scenarist/dialogist Michel Audiard. Not specially tender :D

[Image: 283954-COM_AA.jpg] [Image: 283956-COM_AD.jpg] [Image: 283957-COM_BA.jpg] [Image: 283958-COM_CB.jpg] [Image: 283959-COM_CC.jpg] [Image: 283960-COM_CH.jpg] [Image: 283961-COM_DA.jpg] [Image: 283962-COM_EA.jpg] [Image: 283964-COM_GA.jpg] [Image: 283965-COM_HC.jpg] [Image: 283967-COM_LA.jpg] [Image: 283968-COM_LB.jpg] [Image: 283969-COM_NA.jpg] [Image: 283970-COM_OA.jpg] [Image: 283972-COM_PA.jpg] [Image: 283973-COM_RA.jpg]

Charly les grandes guiboles ...produits dérivés
[Image: 283975-COM_JB.jpg] [Image: 283976-COM_JD.jpg] [Image: 283977-COM_JE.jpg] [Image: 283978-COM_JF.jpg] [Image: 283979-COM_JH.jpg] [Image: 283981-COM_JJ.jpg] [Image: 283983-COM_JL.jpg]

[Image: 283985-PAYS_AB.jpg] [Image: 283987-PAYS_AC.jpg] [Image: 283988-PAYS_AD.jpg] [Image: 283989-PAYS_AE.jpg] [Image: 283990-PAYS_BA.jpg]
[Image: 283991-PAYS_BD.jpg]

[Image: 283992-TRAIN_AA.jpg] [Image: 283993-TRAIN_BA.jpg] [Image: 283994-TRAIN_CA.jpg] [Image: 283995-TRAIN_DA.jpg]

[Image: 283996-BATEAU_DC.jpg] [Image: 283997-BATEAU_EB.jpg] [Image: 283998-BATEAU_EC.jpg] [Image: 283999-BATEAU_FA.jpg] [Image: 284000-BATEAU_GA.jpg]

bref FR

2011-01-24 19:51


Jolies images du "Normandie" et du petit Aérotrain de Gallardon. J'aime bien le graphique Acier/Pinard :D

sixcyl FR

2011-02-07 20:04


Aircrafts in this film at:

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