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Le grand bidule, Film, 1967 IMDB

Images fournies par : DidierF

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DidierF FR

2014-03-14 02:17


[Image: vlcsnap-2014-03-13-17h04m05s78.jpg]
est un film de Raoul André, l'immortel auteur de Ces messieurs de la famille et Les pépées font la loi que nous examinerons d'ici peu.

Francis Blanche, Darry Cowl, Poiret & Serrault, Micheline Dax, pour un film parfaitement nul, sur lequel je viens en outre de passer deux heures pour arracher quelques captures plus ou moins décentes.
Ah, grandeur et servitude du métier de IMCDber…

Tiens, un petit avion pour IMPDb.org …
[Image: vlcsnap-2014-03-13-17h57m24s51.jpg]
…Un Jodel ?

Complete French turkey of the absolutely-not-funny funny comedy kind.
Since it was obviously a TV rip-off I had, the captures are 'good' only when the cars stand still. Terrible. And unfortunate for the big (Chevrolet?) [*][*][*][*] station-wagon.
I left aside some [*] French stuff, a PL17 among them, since I was rewarded by what I hope to be a Panhard Movic.


2014-03-14 02:20


you happen to have this movie ? need shots of that unknown wheel loader

and same with this


DidierF FR

2014-03-14 02:33


Non, Mike, je ne les ai pas.
Je le regrette bien, vu la qualité des photos.


2014-04-14 02:59


The movie needs to be deinterlaced to have not too bad pics, when cars are moving... But I'm afraid there is nothing more to do for the tractor.

DidierF a écrit Tiens, un petit avion pour IMPDb.org

What about this one? :D
[Image: lgb-011622-ovni.jpg]

DidierF a écrit I left aside some [*] French stuff, a PL17 among them, since I was rewarded by what I hope to be a Panhard Movic.[/i]

If you mean this one, I'm not sure there is really something to see, in fact:
[Image: lgb-010550-pl17.jpg]

I saw a [*] Renault Dauphine/Ondine too, but with too few details also:
[Image: lgb-005846-dauphine-ondine.jpg]

But what is this white car whose trunk appears at least twice in the ministry courtyard?
[Image: lgb-005951-unknown.jpg]
(00:42:02 // 00:59:51)

This movie don't raise the cultural level of French comedies. Anyway, who should await something when Francis Blanche and Darry Cowl work together?
I was really happy to see at last the word:
[Image: lgb-012209-fin.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2014-04-14 03:30:28

sixcyl FR

2014-04-21 20:56


Aircraft at:


2014-04-23 14:20


sixcyl a écrit Aircraft at:


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