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Musica per vecchi animali; Micro Men; Napoli... la camorra sfida, la città risponde; L'ambizioso; La pagella; Top of the Heap; Histoire d'O: Chapitre 2; The Smoke; Maniaci sentimentali; Made; Köberle kommt; Invisible Mom; La polizia interviene: ordine di uccidere!; Hold-Up, instantánea de una corrupción; Sbirro, la tua legge è lenta... la mia... no!; (mehr...)

Dollhouse, Fernsehserie, 2009-2010 IMDB

Die Bilder wurden hinzugefügt durch: boogieman

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Neon IT

2010-04-20 22:29


I have watched the first 2 episodes... really nice series!

boogieman US

2010-04-25 01:21


Season 1 done.

1.0 Pilot (Only available as 'extra content' on the Season 1 DVD set)
1.01 Ghost
1.02 The Target
1.03 Stage Fright
1.04 Gray Hour
1.05 True Beliver
1.06 Man on the Street
1.07 Echoes
1.08 Needs
1.09 A Spy in the House of Love
1.10 Haunted
1.11 Brier Rose
1.12 Omega
1.13 Epitaph One

-- Last edit: 2010-04-25 01:21:59

boogieman US

2011-06-30 12:12


Season 2 finished.

It's kind of sad....It started to get a bit boring/slow in the begining of season 2, but the last 4 or so episodes were the best the series ever was, in my opinion. Just in time for it to get canceled.

2.01- Vows
2.02- Instinct
2.03- Belle Chose
2.04- Belonging
2.05- The Public Eye
2.06- The left Hand
2.07- Meet Jane Doe
2.08- A Love Supreme
2.09- Stop-loss
2.10- The Attic
2.11- Getting Closer
2.12- The Hollow Men
2.13- Epitaph Two: The Return

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