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The Inheritance, Kinofilm, 2007 IMDB

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dsl SX

2014-07-15 16:10


[Image: title.48.jpg]
"A micro budget feature film road trip through contemporary Scotland" which was filmed for £5,000 total. Locations from Edinburgh to Skye. A stark and grim film about 2 estranged brothers who drive to Skye to discover a cryptic inheritance from their dead father. Some excellent photography and selection of locations - very bleak (well what do you expect if you're filming in the Highlands in February??).

[Image: frb.jpg] [Image: frb2.jpg]

[Image: frb3.jpg] [Image: frb4.jpg]

[Image: scenery.jpg] [Image: scenery2.jpg]

The obligatory Irn-Bru moment (reference - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irn-Bru and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4yZOab5gl-4 )
[Image: irn-bru.jpg]
Sandie wrote The soft drink of kings.

DVD extras includes an interesting how-we-made-it-so-cheaply documentary. The VW camper was borrowed from a mate in Belfast, and the camera car was a "jeep" borrowed from a friend of a friend because it had a sunroof they could film out of. When the VW electrics died near the end of filming, all attempts at resucitation failed
[Image: cameracar.jpg] [Image: cameracar2.jpg]
so they had to write the VW out of the plot and use an Audi owned by one of the actors to complete the trip.

Lots of 1* backgrounds, but I've only captured a few of the less blurry/jerky ones.

jettalover US

2014-07-16 06:35


What would Irn-Bru be comparable to in America?

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