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Blood of the Innocent, Film, 1995 IMDB

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Titres alternatifs :

  • Beyond Forgiveness
  • Death Connection (Germany)
  • Sangre inocente (Spain)
  • Off Limits (France)
  • Sangue innocente (Italy)
  • AK-47: The Death Machine (USA)

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ecclefechan SX

2008-12-11 23:28


This is another NuImage film, who have shot many of their films in Eastern Europe (mainly Bulgaria and occasionally Belarus and Lithuania). This one however, was shot in Poland. It's about an American cop who searches for the killer of his brothers in Poland, and ends up investigating a criminal organisation (run by Rutger Hauer) who are harvesting organs from Russian refugees. It's fairly routine but the locations in Poland are interesting, and there's some good action scenes. Being filmed only 4 years after the fall of communism, it's also interesting in retrospect, especially with the cars. There are already many western cars appearing, but still lots of old Soviet-era cars, which unsurprisingly are the ones they destroy. There's also a nice chase sequence in which the FSO Polonez chases the main protagonist on foot around Warsaw's old town, and of course loses (hitting a few cars along the way)!

Weasel1984 PL

2008-12-12 05:42


Not 4 years? 6 years. ;) We have the first democratic and non communist governemnt in what you call the Eastern Europe - it was in 1989. It was somehow end of changes which has been started here nearly ten years earlier at the end of 1980.

-- Last edit: 2008-12-12 06:36:25

ecclefechan SX

2008-12-12 10:02


Well, the credits at the end of this movie read 1994, so if it was filmed in the summer of that year. So that will probably make it roughly 5 years. :D

I'm sure there were a lot of changes in Poland during those 5 years, and even more changes since then. :)

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