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Tram-tararam, ili bukhty-barakhty, Film, 1993 IMDB

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Gamer DE

2018-01-02 15:52


Filmed in Udmurtia.

Other vehicles:
[Image: othervehicles1.jpg]

Poodle for IMDDB:
[Image: udmurtpoodle.jpg]

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2018-01-02 19:14


IMDDB ? It can be interesting site! Good idea :D

Dmitry_P RU

2018-01-02 19:22


_ZLAT_ a écrit IMDDB ? It can be interesting site! Good idea :D

Baube QC

2018-01-03 00:03


i'm not good at giving dogs IDs.. :/ :lol:

Dmitry_P RU

2018-01-03 00:09


Baube a écrit i'm not good at giving dogs IDs.. :/ :lol:
What about watches? http://watchesinmovies.info/

Baube QC

2018-01-03 00:15


worse, the only one i can Id is Timex Ironman
and only because i have one.. :whistle:

-- Last edit: 2018-01-03 00:16:41

chicomarx BE

2018-01-03 03:12


_ZLAT_ a écrit IMDDB ? It can be interesting site! Good idea :D

That actually is a great idea. Could be very popular.
Though the collection is not searchable as far as I can see. https://dogs-in-movies-database.tumblr.com/archive

I submitted a dog anyway. :D

[Image: lamortdelouisxiv.jpg]
La mort de Louis XIV (2017)

Dmitry_P RU

2018-01-07 19:47


books in movies: http://booksinmovies.tumblr.com/

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