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That Was the Year: 1970, Documentaire, 1991

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  • 1970

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stronghold EN

2010-04-18 08:24


[Image: 19701.6464.jpg] [Image: 19702.4685.jpg] [Image: 1970233.9084.jpg] [Image: 1970234.th.jpg] [Image: 1970235.764.jpg]

stronghold EN

2010-04-18 08:25


Other vehicles (sea/air):-
[Image: 19705x.2823.jpg] [Image: 19709.1986.jpg] [Image: 1970138.111.jpg] [Image: 1970139.8347.jpg] [Image: 1970140.4835.jpg] [Image: 1970137.4619.jpg] [Image: 197050.1940.jpg] [Image: 197010.5638.jpg] [Image: 197011.2223.jpg] [Image: 1970143.5313.jpg] [Image: 197012.7330.jpg] [Image: 197014.1304.jpg] [Image: 197036.4333.jpg] [Image: 197037.3010.jpg] [Image: 197038.7295.jpg] [Image: 197059.1936.jpg] [Image: 197060.862.jpg] [Image: 19707.9952.jpg] [Image: 19708m.9195.jpg] [Image: 1970141.3235.jpg] [Image: 197080.3153.jpg] [Image: 197081.5066.jpg] [Image: 197082.1740.jpg] [Image: 197083.6923.jpg] [Image: 1970142.1286.jpg] [Image: 197091.6131.jpg] [Image: 197094.9388.jpg] [Image: 1970156.4489.jpg] [Image: 1970153.4152.jpg] [Image: 1970130.6941.jpg] [Image: 1970129.7063.jpg] [Image: 1970144.5641.jpg] [Image: 1970146.2520.jpg] [Image: 1970147.882.jpg] [Image: 1970148.7757.jpg]

Lunar Rover model:

[Image: i296054.jpg] [Image: 1970149.2010.jpg] [Image: 1970152.1334.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2014-08-12 23:10:08 (G-MANN)

stronghold EN

2010-04-18 09:11


part seen/far background:-
[Image: 197015.1148.jpg] [Image: 197049.6125.jpg] [Image: 197013.4996.jpg] [Image: 197074o.1218.jpg] [Image: 197075.9198.jpg] [Image: 1970125.3574.jpg] [Image: 197071.6576.jpg] [Image: 197072.9397.jpg] [Image: 1970178.5184.jpg]

-- Last edit: 2010-04-18 21:58:35

CougarTim US

2010-04-19 05:46


"part seen/far background:-"

5/ 1964 Ford Thunderbird
7-8/ 1966 Plymouth Fury

electra225 IT

2010-04-19 06:45


Also: a grey Austin A60 Cambridge, a white and yellow Vauxhall Cresta PA, a white '66 (or '65) Plymouth Fury, a black Mercedes-Benz W110 or W111.

sixcyl FR

2012-04-09 21:54


Aircraft at:

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